Pêche en rivière

Sports activities ,  Fishing at Ervy-le-Châtel

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  • AAPPMA of Ervy-le-Châtel The Armance (2nd category), the Landion of Etourvy, Trémagne, Ru of Montigny and Ru of Sivrey (1st category), Ru du Saussois, Ru du Boutois, Ru of Bernon, Ru of the Forest, Ru de Siverey. Other site: Burgundy Canal locality "Le Charrey", municipality of Marolles-sous-Lignières. Custodians: Franco Belge, CrisFleur, Gamm Vert at Chaource and Pechabroc at Villemaur / Vanne
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      • ponton handi-pêche sur l’Armance.
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