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  • Ardennes, well known for their majestic forests where wildlife abounds, also offer a wide variety of environments aquatiques.Tourbières, torrents of massive, bright rivers and streams are home to a total of 42 species of fish.
    The mythical valley of the Meuse and its extraordinary landscapes through the winding Semoy and charming Chiers and Marche, your own style, your own corner and especially each fishing.
    Our 250 acres of lakes are also ideal for all fisheries and in a unique natural setting and reposant.L pond Bairon south of the department and Lake Old Forge north are particularly prized by connoisseurs.
    The Ardennes will offer always authentic emotions on this land steeped in history and culture where nature keeps a prominent place in the hearts of men who live there.
    to take account of the biology of species, rivers, canals and water bodies are classified into two fish categories:
    - The firstincludes streams which are mainly populated by trout, as well as where it appears desirable to provide special protection of fish of this species (dominant salmonids).
    - The second includes all other rivers, canals and lakes (dominant cyprinids).

    Sales point of fishing cards :
    * L'ESCALE : 7 quai du Port au Blé 08170 FUMAY
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