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  • Our objectifs:
    • To develop and promote disabled sports in Haute-Marne.
    • To allow all people who are visually impaired, hard of hearing or physically handicapped to participate in the discipline of their choice.

    Our activities:
    • Organising introductory sessions where people can learn about or try disabled sports.
    • Supervising suitable physical and sporting activities.
    • Developing opportunities to practice disabled sports in the countryside.
    • Raising public awareness about disability.
    • Creating, developing and supporting disabled sports clubs and societies.
    •Training sports teachers, technical experts and volunteers.
    • Organising public events linked to disability.

    The disabled committee invites you to take part in whatever activities take your fancy, be it for leisure or for competitive purposes.

    Sports available: tennis, Swingolf, swimming, sauna, fitness, fencing, boccia, blowguns, diving, cycling, etc.Activities are open to people of all ages: children, teenagers, adults, etc.

    A welcome and tour by specialized establishments can be arranged. Reservations are required.