Sporting event at Chaumont

chaumont 52 corrida pedestre jhm.
  • The Municipal Office of Sports, the Journal of Haute-Marne and the City of Chaumont organize the pedestrian corrida!
       - At 19:30, departure of the Corrida Kid
       - At 20:00, departure of the 10km and Open.
       - At 9:30 pm, concert.

    This year the UCIA will propose animations from 14h00.

    On D-Day, "the UCIA makes its cinema" will allow customers of merchants (members or not UCIA) to win movie tickets, from 14:00 to 18:00, according to their receipts.
    The principle ? Tickets, which will be announced after the decimal point, will win one of the 500 places in the game, with no minimum purchase or limit per person.

    To stay in the theme of the race, the UCIA offers chaumontais to participate in the "Course of coffee boys" from 16:30 to 17:30. A staggered race open to over 18s, the first 3 of which will be awarded vouchers worth € 300, € 200 and € 100 respectively.
    The concept ? Costumed on the theme of the flow of drink, browse, tray in hand, the circuit from the "Parisien" past each café in the city center, without losing all its drinks.
    A "Third Party Winner" contest will also allow non-runners to make their prediction on this crazy race at the UCIA chalet to win more vouchers.

    The afternoon will be punctuated by the musical wanderings of "Swing beaks" before giving way to the bullfighting sportsmen.