at Savigny

art vert.
  • This year again, for its 7th edition, the association proposes to discover the workshops of the artists installed in the green of the countryside at the confluence of the departments of Haute-Marne, Vosges and Haute-Saône:

    Aisey et Richecourt - Anrosey - Bussières les Belmont - Cemboing - Coiffy le Haut - Fresnes on Apance - Frettes - Laferte sur Amance - Marcilly en Bassigny - Pisseloup - Plesnoy - Poinson les Fayl - Serqueux - Soyers - Varennes sur Amance - Vernois sur Mance - Voisey

    The opportunity of these open doors of workshops allows the visitor to meet the artists and their works, in the very place of their creation, and immerse themselves in very singular worlds. Painters, sculptors, ceramists, glassmakers ... the list of disciplines is varied, and allows everyone to develop their own circuit according to their tastes.

    This year, the artists of Art au Vert also invite you to their group exhibition at Chateau Le Bocage in Savigny.

    We propose a cultural walk in several villages of Haute Marne where the artists live.

    DOWNLOAD the list of artists and the places of reception.