Centenaire de la Grande Guerre: exposition "Nos villages dans la tourmente 1914-1918."

Cultural ,  Commemoration ,  Exhibition ,  Historic ,  Photography at Loivre

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  • Memorial days of the duty of memory and future are being actively prepared for 4 towns: Loivre, Bermericourt, and Brimont Courcy. To publicize the events from September 1914 to September 1918 traveling. Exhibition civil documents, military, photos, postcards based on 4 villages destroyed this great historical exhibition. Publication of a book "Loivre 1917 and the area with Reconciliation" by Bruno Struif (German). Photographic and artistic production of a book on the suffering of soldiers "Remembrance is a sacred duty" by Beatrice Dahm. Educational project a presentation of the conflict kids, active participation "little artists of Memory."
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