Centenary of the Great War: exhibition " Renefer, Correspondence and war works 14-18."

Cultural ,  Commemoration ,  Exhibition ,  Historic at Reims

  • Exhibition organized by the Association Chapître # on the artist Raymond Fontanet.

    This thematic exhibition focuses on the work of an artist of the trenches Raymond Fontanet, artist born in Bétheny. Mobilized in the first engineer regiment in 1914, Renefer is responsible for establishing the topography of the battlefield. Armed with his sketchbooks, he talks to his daughter "Beautiful Little World" an illustrated correspondence about the life of the soldier. Texts, drawings, etchings are the fabric of this exhibition. Testimony made by the Renefer association. Renowned writer, Raymond Fontanet illustrated, among others, "Fire" by Henri Barbusse. His illustrated correspondence was published by Albin Michel under the title "Book of Hairy. Their life told to children."
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