Circus "La Loi de la Jongle" by the company EA EO

Show ,  Circus at Reims

visuel Cirque M2.jpg
  • It was nice to be the best of friends; when the living space runs out, the law of the jungle sets in and the bullets fly! A hilarious camera.

    But at the end of it will remain one; we are talking about square meters. But what about the jugglers ?

    Fragility, rhythm, graphics, speed, impact, performance, suspension, balance, fall: so many terms that define juggling the eyes of four strong men of the company Eo Ea ... This, of course, provided it is in the best worlds. For what is this demanding art in a shortage situation

    This is the thorny issue this show. Everything begins for the best on a generous floor where everyone finds his rightful place ... but it has a tendency to shrink to a trickle.

    As stooges see the square meters soar, their friendship moved. The presence of the other is alternately seen as aggression and dependency. Juggling, as social relations, while suffering the consequences of promiscuity. It becomes more intense, more dense, but also leaves less room for freedom and individuality, making more powerful and violent.
  • Environment
    • Near a motorway  :  Voie Jean TAITTINGER, sortie Centre
  • Rates
  • Adult
    22 €
  • Reduce rate
    15 €
  • Group
    10 €
  • Student
    6 €