Concert - Miossec

Concert ,  Today's music (rock, pop, rap) in Reims

  • No need to read in the stars or in the coffee grounds to know that MIOSSEC signed his best album to date. A record eleven songs that we take the paris, will end late 2014, under the tree, high on top of the traditional year-end.

  • Here, even here, written and composed like a fool with my guitar and keyboard next to nothing, is a record made at home in northern Finistère. No models. And trio. With Albin and Jean-Baptiste Brunhes. Hence the brightness feeling of calm or tranquility that emanates from Down here Right here. And in contrast to the urgent and yet very common Burne songs. At three, each has its function, says Christopher. You do not have the heaviness of a group. Everything is fast. The light is equipped.
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