Connaissance du Monde "Le Rajasthan"

Lecture ,  Cinema at Reims

  • Driving my 2CV in 1969 I discovered Rajasthan. "Silted paths, villages protected by thorn hedges, colored facades, women clothes, turbans men .." Today, Rajasthan is the most touristic state of India. This film was made for two. With my wife, many doors opened ... the women's side.

    9 months in the field to tell you the story of Rajasthan illustrated by the frescoes that can be seen in the palaces and forts of Mewar as well as cities at the entrance of the desert, pink city, blue, white, ocher: Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer ... Diwali, Holi, "market of the betrothed" in Gracias, "bath with the dead" among the Bhils, weddings ... and at the gateway to Rajasthan: the Taj Mahal.
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