Elektricity: concert

Dance ,  Music ,  Festival ,  Today's music (rock, pop, rap) at Reims

  • From September 28 to October 04, Elektricity invites, spreads and spreads like the perfume he never ceased to be one of recklessness, daring, fun and the abandonment.

    To restore the pageantry, chic, music that cemented the foundations of his house, Elektricity invests both rooms Cartonnerie and meets several generations of artists and clubbers under the banner of pleasure. That of free kick. The legendary trio Superdiscount, trained by Etienne de Crécy, Alex Gopher and Julien Delfaud, returns in a third novel and colorful live show. Claptone, Shiftk3y and the 2 Bears (Joe Goddard, frontman / mastermind of Hot Chip) will round legs to take you into the large open medley of exotic duo Acid Arab. And Hi This is Cool we do not know yet if they will roast marshmallows on stage or if they will simply fill a round swimming pool balls three strands. One thing is certain, the young Fakear revelation of Transmusiocales end of 2013, hit, hard, in the first round. CETE evening will leave traces. Reservations: http://www.elektricityfestival.fr/WEB/#info
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    • Mobility impaired