at Langres

champagne 52 langres estival hallebardiers 9 sonia rousseaux.
champagne 52 langres estival hallebardiers sylvain riandet.
champagne 52 langres estival hallebardiers 2 sonia rousseaux.
  • Historical plays and walks lasting 1hr 30mins through the streets of Langres walled city.

    Swirl your cape and join in a discovery tour of Langres turbulent past, its secrets, battles and conflicts…Langres, the city that was besieged, attacked, but never conquered!

    Spectators are cordially invited to a set of grand historical pageants and theatrical re-enactments including original, unconventional themes centred on Langres, its history and heritage.

    By participating in one of the theatrical productions the spectator becomes immersed in an interactive historical performance, where plots and intrigues involve the people in the very heart of the city, the heart of history and the heart of all of us.

    The joyful finale is held in a large tavern around a free drink…

    Theme 2020: RESIST! ─ Networks of the Langres Resistance during the Second World War

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  • From July 30, 2020 until August 22, 2020
    * Les jeudis, vendredis et samedis soir. Début des spectacles : 21h00 Durée : 2h30 Rendez-vous : Cour du collège Diderot - 17 Place Diderot 3 parcours-spectacles sont joués en simultané chaque soir.