Exhibition: "Himalaya, an Exhibition for Solidarity"

Exhibition ,  Handicrafts at Reims

  • Original items made by Tibetan and Nepalese artisans: discovery and solidarity.

    SolHimal is a humanitarian aid organization for Tibet and the peoples of the Himalayas: sponsorships of children and families, humanitarian development projects, humanitarian projects and discovery trips in Nepal and India.
    This traveling exhibition moves each year in different cities. This is a great opportunity to discover a wide variety of original items made by Tibetan and Nepalese artisans. Buddhist objects, thangkas, cushions, carpets, cashmere scarves, teas from the Himalayas, natural incense, jewelry, bags, rice paper objects, Himalayan clothing...
    But beyond the discovery, it is also a solidarity approach.
    Part of the profit from this sale will be applied to the development of a boarding school in Timure located in the Langtang in northern Nepal.
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