at Châteauvillain

chateauvillain expedition forets imaginaires 2018.
champagne 52 exposition maison laurentine forets imaginaires 2018.
champagne 52 chateauvillain rendez vous maison laurentine 2018.
  • Exhibition in the understated art centre: creating a forum for discussion...

    Since its creation in 2009, Maison Laurentine has been trying to multiply the modalities of conversation between the inhabitants of the territory (those who live there and constitute its first wealth), the artists invited to share their visions of the world, the visitors who come to discover the events and participate in activities. The relations between these three entities constitute the heart and the raison d'être of our commitment to the territorial development of the South High Marnes.

    The Forests // Imaginaires event, which is part of the promotion of the National Forest Park project, prefigures the territory's ambition through the Animal Explora project, a center for eco-accommodation and recreation set up in the Parc aux Daims de Châteauvillain, gateway to the future National Park.

    Co-produced by the Maison Laurentine, the Community of Communes of the Three Forests and its Tourist Office, this exhibition presents the forest visions of about fifteen artists, about twenty inhabitants with singular amateur practices and twelve students of the National School of Art of Dijon, all in a unique and joyful scenography.