Exposition "Jours de Guerre et de Paix : Regard franco-allemand sur l'art de 1910 à 1930."

Cultural ,  Commemoration ,  Exhibition ,  Historic at Reims

  • A new and novel look about the first world war, this is what offer a German museum - Von der Heydt Museum in Wuppertal (from 6.01 to 07.27.2014) and the Museum of Fine Arts in Reims (09/14/2014 to 01/25/2015 of). By comparing German and French works, the two museums reveal the cultural similarities and differences between their countries. The historical period chosen includes before and after the war. The chosen themes - especially those of the front wings - offer a societal approach.
    They relativize some clichés which became "cultural", anchored in the collective consciousness of both Nations. "Regarding the step of Reims, the exhibition features works by famous artists, unknown, officials or avant-garde into a dozen sections. Some of them will deal with the harsh reality in the trenches, others will deal with the behind the scenes of the conflict, including: the role of women and children, wounded nature, the ruins, the "died for France" heritage, recreation, wild and bitter years. Among the exhibiting artists are: Max Beckmann, Antoine Bourdelle, Max Slevogt George Desvallières, Maurice Denis, Otto Dix, Jean-Louis Forain, Oskar Kokoschka. "

    Museum closed during the day on 19 September 2014 , exceptionally open from 6.00pm to 4.00am.
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