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dommartin le franc 52 exposition la fonte et la ville.


at Dommartin-le-Franc

  • From the steam engine to the public benches wifi ... 250 years of urban melting.

    POWER of the machines
    GLORY of monuments
    URBANITY of a civilized society ...

    Late eighteenth century, cast iron becomes more accessible. In the nineteenth century, abundant, it is an integral part of the industrial revolution. What would be the steam engine, the fetr path, the machine tools without it?

    In contrast to bronze, this democratic material is dubbed by the great names of the Haussmannian city where it is present everywhere: distribution of water, gas, compressed air; voice of circulation with the train, the tram, the metro, the elevator or the points; art fonts that beautify the city.

    Beyond these evidences, the cast contributed to the redeployment of populations and wealth in the development of industrial and commercial capitalism; Through examples from several countries, the exhibition illustrates this point.