at Auberive

oeuvre cristine guinamand.
oeuvre kamel khelif.
  • Dubuffet said: "Real art is always where you do not expect it. Where nobody thinks to pronounce his name.
    This year, the contemporary art center of the Auberive abbey offers three very different artists' worlds.

    - Cristine Guinamand is part of the young generation of Expressionist art, its colorful interiors / exteriors, structured by the blacks deploy a vital energy on large canvases sometimes more than 5 meters long.

    - Kamel Khélif was first an industrial designer, then an illustrator of comic books. His universe, at once realistic, narrating stories of identities, and poetic, unfolds in shades of gray and beige. The small formats specific to the edition of drawn boards are structured by a line of net and fine drawing.

    - Sam Le Rol was the creator of a singular place of art, Le Galion, in Plouharnel in Morbihan. For more than 30 years he made of this place "the most beautiful museum of shells" of France. All the works of this self-taught artist are composed of seashells assembled and colored in scenes of a touching poetry on themes specific to childhood ... sirens, cowboys, castles and princesses.