Festival at Lafauche

lafauche 52 festival caphartsnaum 2018.
  • Stars in the eyes ... and ears!

    The An'ARTS Chronicles storm again the castle of Lafauche, a former fortress of the 12th century located on the borders of
    Vosges and Haute Marne, organizing the 5th edition of their festival: Le Caph'ARTS'Naüm.
    A festival is always a moment of conviviality, openness, exchange, sharing: jazz, world music, local products and
    street theater ...

    The definitive programming remains to come ... but already on the program:
    Armel Dupas Trio, La Gigogne Company, Sweet Back, Ale Risorio, Son Del Salon ...

    We invite you to join us at the castle to share this moment with us.

    Looking forward to welcoming you with also the worlds "Bistro" and "Resto"!