Hors Les Murs.jpg

"Hors les Murs" Festival

Cultural ,  Show ,  Theatre in Reims

  • Maud Marquet is a choreographer, Damien Guillemin, slammer. Both are dancers and play the body and words with great freshness, crisscrossing the space to play with language, kneaded, said, shouted, sung with relish. A presence in both, invigorating and lively, joyfully struck ...

  • On sunny days, the "Hors Les Murs" Festival swarms each year in the city. This stop at the Manege is the opportunity to discover the first creation of the company in Reims laces and a beautiful interpreter project Lenio Kaklea.
  • Environment
    • Near the train station
    • Near a motorway
  • Accessibility
    • Mobility impaired
  • Rates
  • Base rate
    From 6 € to 10 €