La foire aux oignons

Sales event ,  Fair or trade show at Givet

Foire aux oignonsDroits gérés
Vue GivetDroits libres
Foire aux oignonsDroits libres
Foire aux oignonsDroits gérés
Foire aux oignonsDroits gérés
Foire aux OignonsDroits gérés
  • During this day, about 500 street peddlers, coming from all over the country, are present in the main streets of Givet.
    Every year, between 20 000 and 40 000 visitors, coming from the neighbouring regions (Nord-pas-de-Calais, Meuse, Lorraine, Belgium, Luxembourg…) come and share the warm atmosphere of this special event.
    In the north of the French Ardennes, for many persons, the November 11th means The“Onion’s fair”, rather than the Armistice Anniversary of the First World War.
    Many of them ignore the origin of the name of this popular event:
    The first fairs, in Givet, date from the seventeenth century. We will have to wait the decree of Napoleon on December 12th, 1806, which decides the date of the St. Martin fair on November 11th in Givet. Afterwards, the St. Martin fair will be named “Onion’s fair” in 1896. During this agricultural fair, the onions on the stalls are numerous.
    Nowadays, this fair is no more an agricultural event but above all the main event of November renowned beyond our borders.
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  • On November 11, 2019
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