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bourmont seconde division infanterie us 1917.


at Bourmont

  • Exposure “found memory: Americans in the Country of Bourmont (1917 – 1919)

    The Second Division of American Infantry was created in Bourmont on October 26th, 1917. “Second to None” is his currency, a head of Indian his emblem. This Division, pertaining to the American task force placed under the command of the General Pershing, was to pay a heavy human tribute at the time as of later combat, in particular with Belleau Wood and Saint-Mihiel. It was then committed in France during the Second World War, then in the war of Korea and many recent theatres of operation.

    The centenary of this creation is the occasion to revive hidden memories, to discover archives (correspondences, testimonies), photographs, films and objects exceptional which make it possible to reconstitute the cross glances of the French and the Americans on the daily life in the city and its surroundings, and the relations between them.

    Notebooks of sketch of Yvonne de Mahuet, of a quality psychological, ethnographic and artistic exceptional, are one of the showpieces of this exposure, as well as an American truck Nashquad. Films and photographs of archive American and French as of the authentic objects replace the area of Bourmont in the history of the Great War, where it was the base camp of an American army which was to play a decisive part in the exit of the conflict.