Party of the gastronomy: tasting extracts of country

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  • Tasting new recipes of rillettes and foie gras, cooked in our kitchens Gimont. Take the opportunity to participate in our contest and try to win it-bags and food stalls.

    On 26 and 27 September, a tasting will be organized in all our stores during the Fête de la Gastronomie. Our new rillettes, cooked in a Gimont Gers, will be offered for tasting: Duck rillettes with duck liver, duck rillettes with black truffles, pork rillettes and Madiran red onion confit, rillettes chicken farmer boletus and argan oil, pork rillettes with Espelette pepper and Bayonne ham, duck rillettes pure old, goose rillettes old. We also offer tasting of the whole goose foie gras Southwestern rare and prestigious, popular for its beautiful velvety color and finesse on the palate. And since the cuisine is primarily generosity and sharing traditions, our foie gras goose semi-cooked exceptionally will be offered at a price of Duck foie gras.
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