Pièce de théâtre : "Splendid's"

Cultural ,  Theatre at Reims

  • This unique piece until 1993 had been sent by the author to his American agent, he abandoned the to devote to his great book The Miracle of the Rose. Genet dedicate this piece to America and his gangsters.
    This takes place on the 7th floor of a luxury hotel, the Splendid's attacked by a group of seven thugs. They take hostage the daughter of a billionaire; she dies.
    The hotel is then surrounded by police. One of them, Johnny, dressed with the hostage evening dress and appears on the balcony of a thousand lights shining jewels and finery of the deceased. This black poem could Nauzyciel attracting Arthur has already created the US Shakespeare's Julius Caesar - enthusiastically in 2009 at the Comedy - and Combat negro and dogs Koltès. He climbs the room with the same American actors and French actor Xavier Gallais with whom he created Ordet and The Seagull, presented at Reims in 2013. Nauzyciel Arthur, who had also shown in Comedy in 2012 with Laurent Poitrenaux Jan Karski, continues his exploration of the boundaries between cinema and theater.

    Performed in English, with French subtitles

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    • English