Reims Jazz Festival: exposition photographique

Cultural ,  Exhibition ,  Photography at Reims

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  • The Reims Jazz Festival opens. Alain Julien, who's in the Reims Jazz Festival since the first edition, is the performing arts photographer, journalist and AFP correspondent in Champagne-Ardenne. Performed during the concerts to be played in real time, the photographs gives the viewer to see an emotion, an expression, a detail. His work on the show is dedicated to making mobility and proximity to the subject, sometimes causing an imbalance of perspectives. PLACES OF EXPOSURE Gallery Place Myron Herrick culture Reims Media John Falala 2, rue des Fuseliers Reims Media Red Cross 19, rue Jean-Louis Debar Reims University Library Health 5, rue Cognac-Jay Reims Fnac Space Drouet d'Erlon Media Reims City Centre 1, rue du Professeur Langevin Epernay Association House Cross Street Cordier Tinqueux
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