Reims Jazz Festival: Thisisatrio concert

Music ,  Concert ,  Jazz and blues at Reims

  • When Reims Jazz Festival, spend a pleasant moment with Franck Vaillant, for a stunning concert !

    We knew the drummer Franck Vaillant avid of adventure and research, we book here in a perfect illustration. With four words in one, the name of this project says it all: vivid, iconoclastic and player! Bushy, bright, modern and carried, the trio's music takes jazz, experimental rock, repetitive music, musique concrete ... it is a true music-animated! The three musicians participate equally to rhythmic games that launches Franck Vaillant. Each piece is built around a series of scenes, each more fiery than each other in an absolutely fascinating unstable balancing act. Photo Alain Julien
  • Spoken languages
    • fr*
  • Accessibility
    • Mobility impaired
  • Rates
  • Adult
    22 €
  • Reduce rate
    17 €
  • Student
    10 €
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