Theatre - "La Baraque"

Theatre at Reims

  • This is part of TERRORisms, bringing together theaters from Belgrade, Oslo, Stuttgart, Tel Aviv and Reims, creative project initiated by the Union of European Theatres, Ludovic Lagarde commissioned Aiat Fayez this explosive comedy .

    In their modest apartment, Large and Small scrape and fight. One of their bickering escalates one day and, unfortunately, Small, shoved, fell through the window. Blame it on the soles that slide. To avenge the firm of sneakers they indicate is responsible for the fall, Petit and Grand engage in the manufacture of home-made bombs - Fitted fitting suits, helmets, and pressure cookers ... A few days after explosion of the firm, a man shows home unannounced he saw everything and in turn requires to avenge a factory with which he litigation.

    Bomb making is accelerating, small business is growing at full speed, and outdated, Large and Small are enriched beyond measure. In this scathing comedy of the absurd, craft terror turns into a successful and respectable company ... and if the victims were not necessarily those believed?