With over 5,000 km of footpaths and walking routes, Champagne-Ardenne provides a wide range of opportunities for hikers on foot, horseback or mountain bike. It also offers 450 km of greenways to explore by bike or on rollerblades.

The landscapes drift by at your own pace as you discover this region, from north to south, a huge jigsaw puzzle where each piece fits together harmoniously to form a varied and beautiful picture.

Downloadable routes

Discover the riches of the local scenery along one of the many hiking trails that crisscross the region. We have selected a number of them for you and grouped them into themes that are emblematic of Champagne-Ardenne: routes through the vineyards, along the waterways, at the heart of nature, routes which will enable you to come face-to-face with ancient legends and discover our history.

We offer all the tools you need to discover them in the best possible conditions: hiking sheet (pdf format) with IGN map, GPS trace, virtual tour of the footpath and even a Geocaching formula for some of them.
The choice is yours. Enjoy your walk...

The Orchards of Tourteron

The Tourteron area is the orchard of the Ardennes. Starting from Tourteron, this walk takes you over rolling hills planted with apple trees. As you cross the villages, you will be able to visit local producers to taste and buy their fruit.

The Route Martin trail

This circuit in the heart of the Ardennes forest joins together a number of streams, lakes and ponds. It highlights the way that water has always been used by man for economic purposes. In particular, you will discover Lake Vieilles Forges and its water sports centre.

The Monts de Sery

At an altitude of 173 m, the Monts de Sery dominate the crop fields of Porcien. 160 plant species characteristic of limestone grasslands have been identified here, including 16 species of orchids. A breathtaking panorama where you can sometimes see the cathedrals of Reims and Laon.

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The 7 Rocks Circuit

From Monthermé and its famous bend in the Meuse, enjoy some of the fabulous viewpoints hidden deep in the Ardennes forest. Here, the rocks that emerge from the forest are associated with legend, including the famous tale of the 4 Aymon sons you will find at a turning in the path. 

The Pays d'Yvois Trail

The Chiers Valley is dominated by quiet, grassy hills. Behind the apparent calm hide some of the major engineering works of the Maginot line, the scene of heavy fighting in May 1940. At the end of the hike, you will be able to discover this history with a visit 35 metres underground. 

The Gaston Chèq circuit

Head off from Bar-sur-Aube to explore the vineyards of the Côte des Bars. This walk runs between vineyards and forests, with a host of different landscapes and some fabulous views over theAube Valley. This circuit is named after the defender of the Aubevineyards at the turn of the century.

The Lake Balcony

This track takes you around Lake Amance, in the regional nature park of the Forêt d'Orient. Along the way, beautiful lake views and a host of hides which enable you to discover the rich local birdlife. On the dyke, take the bicycle trail between the lakes where you will meet cyclists and skaters.

Val Fontaine

From Cunfin, on the boundary between Aube, Haute-Marne and Côte d'Or, enter the forests of southern Aubois, where you will no doubt meet roe deer and foxes. At the end of the path, you will discover the fountain of Fontenotte.

The Wolf's Trail

This walk, leaving from Sommeval, will take you to the woods of the Othe region, along the paths which many packs of wolves must have used in the past. Learn the local legends they gave rise to, such as the tale of "Voirloups".

The Pierre Auguste Renoir Footpath

After visiting Renoir's studio, head off in his footsteps to see where he put down his easel and admire the landscapes that inspired him so much. 
You will probably make the following quotation from the painter your own: "I like paintings that make me want to walk inside them."

The Bellevue Loop

From Hautvillers, the home of Dom Pérignon, this walk is an exploration of the vineyards of Champagne. As it wends its way along the southern slopes of the Montagne de Reims, it offers unique viewpoints over the Marne Valley and the town of Epernay.

Between Queen and Knight

This hike will take you around the southern basin of the Lac du Der, a vast reservoir of some 4800 ha. The footpath wends its way between the expanses of water and the oak forests, a marvellous illustration of the landscapes so characteristic of this region.

The Trois-Fontaines Chasm

Set off from Trois-Fontaines, where you will discover the ruins of the former Cistercian Abbey, and enter it into the undergrowth of the great forest. Underground is a vast network of tunnels which the numerous chasms next to the footpath hint at. 

Between Vineyards and the Faux

This walk, which runs along on the northern slopes of the Montagne de Reims, will treat you to beautiful views of the vineyards of Champagne. But its main attraction lies in crossing the Verzy forest to discover its famous "Faux", the twisted beech trees which owe their specificity to a genetic disorder and whose strange shapes have given rise to numerous legends. 

The Battle of the Argonne

Located in the heart of the great forest of Argonne, this hike takes you to the scene of one of the battles of the First World War. 
Throughout the walk, monuments, cemeteries and vestiges recall this painful history. The forest landscape is marked by countless shell holes and trenches. 

Donjeux Castle

As you enjoy this pleasant walk, you will explore two of the most important rivers in Haute Marne: theMarne and the Rognon. You will walk from one valley to the other along the disused railway (the Coco), which used to travel up to the Rognon. You will discover the landscapes typical of the valleys of Haute-Marne.

The Rolampont Tufière Waterfall

This walk will take you to the Rolampont Tufière Waterfall, an exceptional natural site created by the patient work of water, which gradually calcifies plants and has created this step-like cascade. As you continue your journey, you will also see the remains of the Gallo-Roman mausoleum of Faverolles and its small museum.

The Rolampont Tufière Waterfall

This walk will take you to the Rolampont Tufière Waterfall, an exceptional natural site created by the patient work of water, which gradually calcifies plants and has created this step-like cascade. As you continue your journey, you will also see the remains of the Gallo-Roman mausoleum of Faverolles and its small museum.

The Vingeanne Gorges

Right at the beginning of the walk, on the Place d'Aujeurres, a strange statue welcomes you: this is Peûte Bête, a ferocious dragon who terrorised the kingdom. Further on, the natural site of the Vingeanne Gorges, a veritable small canyon, and the sources of the river are also steeped in legend. 

La Bôve and le Côna

From the historic village of Bourmont, made remarkable by its two churches, you will head off for a beautiful walk through the woods: first along the Côna promenade and the rock park, and then further on crossing the Bôve gorge. Not far away lies the villageof Goncourt, the home of the creators of the famous academy of the same name.