At the far reaches of Champagne and at the edge of the Argonne Forest, Sainte-Ménehould is a town that is both picturesque and welcoming. Once called “Chateau-sur-Aisne”, the town owes its name to Manehildis, distinguished by her devotion and generosity during the 5th Century. Dom Pérignon was born here in 1639. The town was destroyed by a fire in 1719 and rebuilt from 1730, in an 18th century architectural style, with the most beautiful buildings being the town hall and the Viard hotel, which is now the remarkable Museum of Art and History. Jean-Baptiste Drouet, the postmaster, brought about the arrest of Louis XVI in June 1791. Nearby, the historic site of the battle of Valmy of September 20th, 1792 and the sites of the First World War in Argonne are major.



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