Formally a stronghold of the bishop of Langres, Mussy l’Evêque was renamed Mussy-sur-Seine after the revolution.

At the gates of Champagne and Burgundy, nestling in a bend of the Seine, Mussy-sur-Seine is home to the richest, perhaps even the most original heritage of the Aube. A medieval Gallo-Roman town fortified according to the wishes of local nobility and the bishops of Langres, Mussy-sur-Seine retains some interesting testimony of its turbulent past, starting with its maze of Picturesque alleyways, jumbled old houses and some fortifications.
The 13th century church, beautiful 16th century residences, a promenade and two 19th century châteaux set in well-designed grounds make up the other elegant part of the picture, made even more attractive by its surrounding vine-planted hillsides and woodlands.


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