at Nogent

haute marne nogent bernard dimey parolier.
  • The cutlery manufacturing town of Nogent gave birth to a leading 20th-century artiste: Bernard Dimey

    This multifaceted artiste (poet, chansonnier, screenwriter, actor and painter) born in Nogent in 1931 wrote for the greats: Gréco, Mouloudji, Montand, Salvador, Line Renaud and many others.

    "Syracuse," the masterpiece that Salvador and Montand took all over the world, immortalised him, another major hit being "Mon Truc en Plumes," which Zizi Jeanmaire turned into the Paris Casino floor show’s signature song. He died in 1981.

    The Bernard Dimey Association has organised a festival in May every year since 2001.

    The association was founded in July 2000 to organise events setting out to disseminate and popularise the work of this poet, whose mother Brassens told he had genius.

    The association is proud to have created an original cultural event by championing the work of Bernard Dimey while at the same time publicising the département and boosting the renown of the cutlery town of Nogent in Haute-Marne!