Collégiale de Villemaur-sur-Vanne

Collegiate church ,  Church ,  Religion at Aix-Villemaur-Pâlis

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  • Collegiate Church Notre Dame and its Jubé "MH" is an essential building of the Pays d'Othe. The sober architecture of the choir and transept of the 13th century and the nave of the 16th are covered with a beautiful wooden hoop. Limestone and wood intimately linked to the treasure of this church "the rood screen", all its importance. Formerly polychrome this famous rood screen that completely closes the choir is of a remarkable finesse and a surprising decorative richness. Wonderful book of instruction and mediation for the use of the pilgrims of the Middle Ages, signed and dated 1521. It is the most important and the richest wooden rood screen remaining in France. Twenty-six bas-reliefs decorate the tribune: Gothic style ornaments on the choir side, Renaissance style on the nave, marking the transition from art to Champagne in the early 16th century. The authors here express their belonging to the Champagne art of transition and are inspired by the engravings of Dürer, Schongauer and Cranach the former. Woodwork, stalls, statuary, tumbled stones from the 13th to the 17th century, make the Collegiate Church of Our Lady, an exceptional place where art expresses in full the tradition and the history of Southern Champagne. Outside, an astonishing tower of square plan covered with chestnut essences, rebuilt after the fire that devastated the city in 1446, serves as a steeple at the sanctuary. Restoration work is currently underway, so the college is TIMELESS CLOSED AUDIENCE. Guided tours organized by the ASPHAV (Association for the Safeguarding of the Historical and Artistic Heritage of Villemaur-sur-Vanne) on Saturdays and Sundays at 3:30 pm from April 13th to November 17th and guided tours during the week on prior request Tel. 03 25 40 55 22. For groups and associations, visits possible during the week, in the afternoon by appointment by telephone on 03 25 40 55 22.
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