Eglise Saint-Liébault

Church ,  Religion at Estissac

estissac eglise ©Lionel Weyh.jpg©Lionel Weyh
eglise estissac ©Lionel Weyh.jpg©Lionel Weyh
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  • This church occupies the central point of the old town, surrounded by the old cemetery originally it has grown over the centuries. Outside a slab tumulaire honors Jean Verger (wheelwright, who the day after Christmas 1774, saved the country from a rabid wolf had bitten thirty people, chopped fingers by the bites of wolves, it is rabies death January 27, 1775). Some parts of the church date from the thirteenth century, others the fifteenth century; Finally, the largest part was built in the eighteenth century. The main altar of this church is in multicolored marble, it belonged to the St Stephen's Collegiate Troyes, removed during the Revolution. Not far from the confessional, a statue of the sixteenth century represents St. Loup Bishop of Troyes and a bas-relief representing the "Dormition of Mary." Open by appointment by calling 03 25 40 45 07