Fermeture du Musée d'Art Moderne !

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  • The renovation project of the Museum of Modern Art

    While the museum has been closed since April 2019, the teams are busy preparing for its future. Thus, the museum team has moved into the conservation offices of the other municipal museums. This move also concerned the entire museum library-documentation library, which is now located on the ground floor of the Hôtel du Petit Louvre. No less than 10,000 works to move and store over 300 linear metres! Thus, nearly 400 additional square metres of space will be freed up for the new permanent course.

    In parallel with the setting up of exhibitions in other museums, the technical team has dedicated itself to the creation of temporary reserves. Indeed, during the work, it is important to secure all the collections in the museum, i.e. nearly 3,000 works!
    This collection project required the removal, dust removal and packaging of each work for a period of nearly two years. It was also necessary to move the sculptures displayed in the garden to allow companies to create a brand new garden.

    Before the companies began their interventions at the beginning of this autumn, the teams, accompanied by the security and safety services, fire brigades and police officers, carried out a test exercise to evacuate the collections as part of the Safeguarding Plan for Works.

    Make way for companies and works! To be continued...

    MAM's masterpieces travel abroad!

    The renovation of the museum is a unique opportunity to showcase our collections abroad. After a first exhibition in Laren (Netherlands) in 2016, two new exhibitions will allow Korean and German audiences to discover this unique collection of French modern art.

    From June to September 2019, an exhibition of André Derain's masterpieces will be on display at the Sejong Museum of Art - Sejong Center, Seoul (South Korea).
    Then, from October 2019 to January 2020, the Kunstmuseum Pablo Picasso, Münster (Germany) will present "In the intoxication of colour, From Gauguin to Matisse, The masterpieces of the Museum of Modern Art in Troyes" with about sixty masterpieces.
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