at Chaumont

champagne 52 flore orchidees ophrys bourdon 0934.
  • The orchid is an exotic flower, and the fact that this magnificent, delicate flower flourishes in the Haute-Marne, just goes to show exactly how fertile the area is. The area is home to no fewer than 40 different species of orchid!The most legendary and delicate of all is the Lady’s Slipper, with its yellow calyx and carmine red petals.The most original orchid is perhaps the lizard orchid that has a smell not unlike sweaty feet, and the Ophrys orchid, a crafty flower, that when it comes to pollinating, disguises itself in order to attract insects.Orchids are extremely fragile: they will not survive being moved, and picking them is definitely forbidden... Please be careful....

    Numerous species of plants and flowers grow by the side of the roads throughout the region - and their beauty cannot be disputed.There are, for example, many orchids such as the soldier orchid, the purple or brown orchid, the mountain orchid, the mosquito orchid, the broad-leaved helleborine, the pyramidal orchid with cabbage - like leaves..., scabious, hawkweed, heliotrope, geranium, mountain coronilla and other unusual species such as the large yellow gentian, the limodorum abortivum, early sweet pea and rare and unusual ferns such as the green spleenwort and the Robert fern that suddenly grow or open up right in front of you.

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