at Langres

champagne 52 langres fort peigney.
  • The Fort de Peigney is one of eight detached forts built to protect the city of Langres in the north-east of France. The other forts are Bonnelle, Cognelot, Montlandon, Plesnoy, Pointe de Diamant, Saint-Menge, and Dampierre.

    It was incorporated into the defensive system developed by General Séré de Rivières in the late nineteenth century to protect the country against a German invasion.

    The forts of this period were of a simpler polygonal shape than the large star fortifications developed by Vauban in the 17th century. With improved artillery, cities had become too vulnerable to long-range shells. The solution was to build small forts distanced around the city to defend.

    Fort de Peigney is an example of this type of fortification. It is one of the last forts built before the introduction of new types of fortifications by Séré de Rivières.
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