Petit patrimoine

Le petit patrimoine

1366001019 - Industry ,  Town, village, neighbourhood at Aubrives

  • In the Constant Votion street in Aubrives, you will find an original feature. On the façade of a building which belonged to the provost of Hierges in 1630, you can see a plaque bearing a sculpted head in relief. This is taken from Leonardo da Vinci's painting "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse".

    You can also find many "lavoirs" (washing places) like those at Aubrives and Chooz. There are also fountains at Hargnies, Fromelennes and Charnois. The latter dates from 1864, and is charged with history. It is dedicated to the martyr Saint-Quirin and its water with the plants growing beside it,and had virtues for curing dermatological complaints.

    Some of your villages have old hydraulic mills, like Landrichamps with its mill situated on the Houille, and Hargnies which had three mills including the Limbourg Mill and the Page Mill which still exist.

    Free access. Aubrives, Chooz, Hargnies, Fromelennes, Charnois, Landrichamps.