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  • Edmond (1822-1896) and Jules (1830-1870) HUOT DE GONCOURT Edmond and Jules Huot de Goncourt, the writers behind the Académie Goncourt.

    A small Haute-Marne village saw the two brothers grow up: Goncourt. Indeed, the Goncourt brothers had their roots and spent their childhood and teenage holidays in this corner of France where Champagne and Lorraine come together on the banks of the Meuse. A family edifice, the paper mill bought by their great grandfather in 1786, bears witness to a family past with ties to the neighbouring township of Bourmont as well.

    The former hilltop fortress and cantonal capital was the birthplace of Jean-Antoine Huot de Goncourt (1753-1832), who rose to the position of Imperial Police magistrate in Neufchateau.

    His sons were Pierre-Antoine Huot de Goncourt (1783-1867), an artillery officer under the Empire and deputy for the Vosges in the 1848 and 1849 National Assemblies, and Marc-Pierre Huot de Goncourt, father of Edmond and Jules.

    Everybody who was anybody in the world of letters in the second half of the 19th century was acquainted with Jules (1830-1870) and Edmond de Goncourt (1822-1896).

    Goncourt was home to other major figures as well, including Nicolas-Médard Audinot (1741-1783), theatre manager, and Edmond Haraucourt (1856-1941), poet, novelist and playwright.