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Maison du Dauphin

Historic site and monument ,  House at Troyes

  • This is one of the city's oldest houses; its fireplace mantle bears the date of 1472. At the base of the corner corbel of the post in the north angle, on the side of rue Célestin-Philbois, a coat of arms is engraved, consisting of three fleurs-de-lis and a dolphin under a royal crown. This is the coat of arms of the Dauphin, the eldest son of the King Francis I and future King Henry II of France. It also helps to date the construction.
    This house, with its yellow, half-timbered walls, six spans long, was restored in 2004. It is a typical example of Troyes architecture, with its mullioned windows, corbelled construction, a canopy over the rue Kléber and another over the rear façade.
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