at Langres

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  • Gallo-Roman mausoleum

    The vestiges of this big mausoleum were discovered in 1980. At the beginning of the Empire (first half of the 1st century), Lingon of high social rank had the means to be built, in border of his rural domain, a luxurious grave using in profusion the funeral themes in its decoration. It was built, in one dominant position, against the Roman way which goes from Langres in it Blaise vallée and which links up with the big way of Langres in Reims.

    The whole furniture found to Faverolles is gathered today in the museum, fitted out in the center of the village. Around a big model are arranged the vestiges of the sculpture funeral of monument.
    The Gallo-Roman mausoleum of Faverolles is the known only one of this importance in all the north part(party) of France.

    The site, fitted out in educational path, allows the visitors to arrest freely the vestiges of the grave in them Archaeological and geologic environment, thanks to panels of interpretation and in a model representing the mausoleum in Scale 1/4, inaugurated in 2009.

    Possibility of visit audioguidée (site + workshop) in French, English, German and Dutch.