Musée Aubois de l'Histoire de l'Education

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  • The Musée Aubois d'Histoire de l'Éducation (M.A.H.E.) was created in 1976 on the initiative of the Centre Départemental de Documentation Pédagogique (C.D.D.P.) de l'Aube, the Bibliothèque Départementale de Prêt (B.D.P.).), the Cultural Affairs Commission of the General Council of Aube, the Aube Academy Inspectorate and the National Institute for Educational Research and Documentation (I.N.R.D.P.), now the National Institute for Educational Research (I.N.R.P.).

    The General Council then ensures the financing of the Museum. The C.D.D.P. is in charge of its management and animation. The Museum is in symbiosis with the C.D.D.P. and is located in the same premises, rue Saint-Martin-es-Aires, in the former Michelet school (premises which the city of Troyes has relinquished in favour of the department).

    At the same time, in 1976, an Association des Amis Aubois de l'Histoire de l'Education (A.A.M.A.H.E.) was created to safeguard the educational heritage and to develop the Museum by helping to research and exhibit the collections. The A.A.M.A.H.E. is responsible for collecting donations that have made it possible to have a large number of various documents.

    In 1991, the C.D.D.P. left the Saint-Martin-es-Aires site and moved to its current premises, renovated by the General Council, on Avenue des Lombards. It cohabits with the Institut Universitaire de Formations des Maîtres (I.U.F.M.) of the Academy of Reims.

    Thanks to the visits offered, the M.A.H.É. allows adults to plunge into their childhood memories, students to experience the past of their parents and grandparents, to grasp the differences between the school of today and the school of yesteryear.
    As part of its pedagogical vocation of opening up to the educational system, classes can come to visit and work at the Museum.

    Opening :
    With the exception of school holidays, every morning, Monday to Friday, and by appointment in the afternoon.

    Group visits :
    Make an appointment on 03 25 82 84 35
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