Parcours "Sur les pas de Gustave Flaubert"

Historic site and monument ,  Town to visit at Nogent-sur-Seine

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Hôtel Valville Nogent 3 - © OTNVS.jpg
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Moulins Nogent - © OTNVS.jpg
  • A course on urban heritage of Nogent-sur-Seine materialized by twenty nameplates was built in the city center and focuses on monuments and buildings that the writer Gustave Flaubert knew or he describes in his novel "Sentimental Education". To discover on the course of "Flaubert walk" the Church of St. Lawrence ("The bell rang and the St. Lawrence there was on the square before the church, a gathering of the poor ...", the house of Madame Moreau ("This house, spacious, with a garden overlooking the countryside, added to the account of Madame Moreau, who was the most respected person in the country ..."), home of Flaubert, home of the Turkish ("This place of perdition planned throughout the district a fantastic shine ..."), mills ("The smell of wet leaves were up to them ...") ... Brochure available at the Office of Tourism.