Place de la Libération

Historic site and monument ,  Town of art and history ,  Town square at Troyes

Place Libération D le Nevé OT Troyes.jpg©D.LeNevé
  • A place full of history ... Located at the foot of the Prefecture and the Hotel Department, the Liberation Square is a place steeped in history. But it is also a pivotal place in Troyes since it lies at the junction of the two parts of the city, where she made the connection between what is commonly called here "the body and the head of Champagne cork." This place was built on the site of an old cemetery and a double church was razed in the late eighteenth century in favor of ephemeral granary. Renamed several times, she has not finished with its successive transformations, since the square (laid in 1912, is adorned with a white marble group Suchetet "kidnapping" - a triton removing a nymph.) - provincial charm - frequented by the Trojans throughout the last century - has given way to an urban park, modern design. The garden covers an underground parking helical shape, which has a feature to discover! Its 7 levels are decorated with 150 m2 of contemporary stained glass. As a nod to the Saint-Urbain Basilica nearby ....
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