at Andilly-en-Bassigny

  • Andilly Villa was probably the home of a wealthy owner, part of a prosperous, extensive private farm and country estate.

    The permanent structure was built during the first century, possibly supplanting the extremely basic farm holding of a local inhabitant. The villa was developed, extended and decorated in the Roman fashion, as the remaining vestiges display the pattern of Roman habitation and civilisation.

    The villa is near to the Roman roads of Langres to Trèves, Langres to
    Strasbourg and the Langres-Bourbonne bypass at the foot of Mount Mercure.

    Excavations have revealed the estate to be one of the most complex Roman estates in Eastern France.

    Conservation départementale (Departmental conservation)
    Conseil Départemental de la Haute-Marne
    1 Rue du Commandant Hugueny -
    52905 CHAUMONT cedex 9