at Wassy

champagne 52 wassy patrimoine mairie mdt52.
champagne 52 wassy patrimoine eglise monument aux morts mdt52.
champagne 52 wassy patrimoine theatre de la forgerie mdt52.
champagne 52 wassy decouvertes musee de la grange 04 mdt52.
  • • The Romanesque Church: dates from the middle of the XIIth century but the construction started in the Xth century.

    • The Protestant Church: built on the site of the Barn of the Protestant Massacre (1562), it now houses a museum where an exhibition and a slide show with sound about the Wars of Religion and the presence of the Protestant community in Wassy are displayed.

    • The old town: the Place Marie-Stuart (Mary Stuart Square) was built on the site of the former stronghold with architecture typical of the 19th century; the Tour du Dôme (Dome Tower), the gates and the ramparts; the cast iron art work in the park.

    • The Town Hall: the astronomical clock, paintings (Pernot, M. Calvès, Humblot), the socio-cultural centre and the hospital chapel: the vault and the paintings of Joseph Constant Menissier.